Planning your Trip

Houseboat holidays are easy!

A houseboat holiday can be a lot of fun for people of all ages. Following are a list of ideas to assist you in planning your next holiday.

Choosing your group & boat

Houseboats can sleep anywhere from between 2-12 people so the number of people you're planning to have join you on your holiday combined with the facilities you'd like onboard helps decide which boat suits you best.

Please note that the maximum number of passengers allowed onboard is 12 so a second boat would be required in the event that your group is larger than 12.

Planning your holiday

Planning your trip involves a commitment from everybody in your group. You need to organise the deposit to confirm the booking, plan what food to bring, organise any additional activities.

Planning your food

There are many options for planning your food depending on your group and what they would prefer. We strongly suggest that you purchase all of your food and drinks prior to boarding the houseboat as you are limited with availability once you head off up the river.There are towns along the way with general stores but they are fairly restricted in the goods they offer having basic grocery lines but not enough to rely on for purchasing each day's requirements.

Most groups will sit down together and work out a suggested menu and have one particular group purchase the necessary food in one go. This way the cost is just divided up between the number of people on the houseboat and you're not doubling up on everyday items.

Another option is for each couple or family to be assigned a particular meal(s) for the duration of the trip. This can be quite effective because it spreads the work around and allows everyone the opportunity to participate in mealtimes.

Need a heads up on what to pack? Click here for our packing list

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